Geyus Michael Likita & Stella Uzochukw Denis

Odyssey Educational Foundation


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Our organisation is among the pioneers of STEM education in Nigeria. Presently, we run a dedicated mentorship program for young girls in F.C.T, Abuja and its environs, where the girls are being trained to research on societal challenges based on the SDGs and proffer solutions to the researched challenges using STEM approach.
The GCD is to be headed by our Head of Computer Science department, Geyus Michael Likita. This will be his first GCD. Geyus Michael Likita has a background in Computer Science, with a good knowledge of educator robotics, software and hardware troubleshooting. He is a highly motivated individual who wants to contribute positively in the future generation.

About the event:

Odyssey Educational Education is committed to exposing children to technology which is the driving force for innovation.
Our organisation is participating in this years GCD so we can reach out more children effectively using Designathon method and tools. The GCD event is important to every nation especially a developing country like Nigeria because it encourages children to think creatively and design a better world using new technologies.


Our project aquaculture is a medium of solving both problems of food and climate action by connecting a purifying machine known as the purifier to purify the water before going into the fish pond; and also the water from the pond will also be purified thoroughly and send to residence for any commercial or domestic uses, the fish from the pond will be transferred to a cold room for storage and preservation, also the cold room will be powered by a wind turbine instead of hydroelectric power to keep a good weather condition. lastly the fish from the pond will be used to feed the residence by selling of the fish, for personal consumption and the water from the pond will be purified again and send back to the residence for farming to provide enough food for themselves and their families.

Global warming

Climate change is affecting our village very well because the heat is excess, and we decided to solve our problem by planting more trees and provide an alternative for electricity. Due to dangerous gasses produced from bush burning, factories, cars etc which is dangerous to the ozone layers. our project uses sun as the source of electricity. when the solar panel is charged for the houses, factories in the area has access to electricity so that the use of generators will reduce to effect of gases from the industrial area. we also plant a lot of trees to protect people from direct heat from the sun. with this the earth is cool and safe for individuals living in that area.


We designed a prototype to solve the problem of flooding connecting a flood buzzer that will alert the people when there is excess rainfall and when the dam is full, in the dam there is a green and red spot; Normally the green spot is always showing it's greenlight that means the area is safe from flooding, but when the dam is full the red light starts beeping which means that the area is no longer safe for individuals which means they need to evacuate that area. There is a pipeline from the dam which is connected to the village farmland, the water is purified and is safe for humans and the crops with this our project we have been able to solv

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