Jamel Buhari & Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson

Dr. Monk

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation, with offices in Accra and Amsterdam and a worldwide network of collaborating pioneers. We immerse ourselves in topics at the intersection of sustainability and global inequality, only to emerge with interventions that will have a systemic impact. Our goal is to contribute to a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future. Jamal Buhari: Last year we had a great first GCD in Accra! It was amazing to see kids from different backgrounds working together on big global topics. The GCD is a great opportunity for children to open up their imagination and share their perspective on global issues, by being the ones designing innovative solutions for them. Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson is a Ghanaian-Nigerian creative arts enthusiast with a keen interest in research, literary arts innovative story telling. Currently, she works with Dr. Monk as a researcher and projects coordinator for the Ghana Office and volunteers with a literary organization in Ghana as well. She has a degree in Music and English from the University of Ghana and her writings have won a few awards in some competitions.

About the event:

This year, we are hosting the Global Children’s Designathon in Ghana for the second time. Bringing children together from the Suhum area and the Agbogbloshie district, we are mixing children from both rural and urban environments. A unique opportunity for children from different backgrounds to work together and come up with refreshing and creative ideas. We’ll be working with inspiring local partners to make sure we provide the best facilitators to guide the children during the GCD.

Mobile tomato harvesting box

This box focuses on land shortage. There will be less chemicals needed for growing and sustaining the land. A filter on the box makes sure that the excess water and seeds of the tomatoes that have rotten can be reused. These seeds can be planted again. So: fresh and clean products, without the (over-)usage of land and chemicals.

Compost making machine

This machine focuses on food shortage. Once organic waste has been thrown in the machine, it will vibrate at a regulated rate using solar energy. The organic waste is thus broken down into compost. In addition, the machine has tubes from which the compost can come out of. A farmer can then drive the machine around and distribute the compost more easily.

Fruit Processor

This fruit processor counteracts food waste. The machine makes fruit juice, and then ensures that the seeds are collected so that they can be used for replanting or can be sold. The machine can also dry fruit, which can be sold. This can promote an alternative use of fruit.

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