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Eline Karlas & Ina Conkic

Designathon Works HQ

2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

In Amsterdam the event is led by Designathon Works’ creative director Ina Conkic and newest DW member Eline Karlas. For Ina this will be her fifth GCD. Previously she has facilitated the event in Beijing and has been the GCD global coordinator since 2016. For Eline this year’s GCD is her first. She has a background in international business and sustainability. Both Ina and Eline highly value education and want to make a positive impact on the future generation’s capacity to be a changemakers for a better world.

About the event:

In 2019, children from all parts of the city and the rest of the Netherlands will join the GCD event in Amsterdam. Diverse in terms of their cultures, socioeconomic background, age and gender, the children will form a united group throughout the day. The Amsterdam event was held in the THNK, school of creative leadership.

Title: POD (planting organization device)
Team: Floris (8), Phileas (9) & Breno (10)
Topic: Reforestation



POD is a rolling robot fit to detect deforestation and and fertile ground to immediately plant a tree as replacement.

Title: Team SOS
Team: Noortje (9), Isa (8) & Pia (10)
Topic: Cities and Roads



A city build on poles to preserve the forest below. Houses are connected through bridges so the trees still receive sunlight and rainwater. There are bridges and stairs to get to the cities.

Title: De RIJ-kas
Team: Roos (9), Jan (8) & Isa (9)
Topic: Agriculture and cows



A subterranean greenhouse for crops with cows, trees and farms on top. The greenhouse houses a restaurant and shop which sell the local freshly grown greens. A glass tube holds sh that are both food and entertainment for the guests.

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