Jia Luo & MingYi Liu

IDEAS Youth Developing Foundation

2018, 2019

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About the host:

In Beijing, the event is led by IDEAS Youth Developing Foundation members Jia Luo and MingYi Liu. For Jia, this year’s GCD will be her first event. She has background in intercultural communication and youth education. For MingYi, this will be his second GCD event but the first time for the main facilitator. He used to worked as assistent in the first GCD event in China 2018. MingYi has a lot of experience in project facilitating and creative designation.

About the event:

In 2019, there are more than 35 children from Beijing and nearby cities get involved in the GCD event. We shared a lot of videos and information beforehand with the young children to make sure they can understand our topic for the day. They choose their subtitle with the leading of their facilitators and work together during the whole day long. The Beijing event was held in IDEAS CAMP Beijing Experience Center which is the first experience center that has ever been built in the heart of a Chinese iconic city, a place provides safe environment, multiple events and happy experience for 4-18 year-old children.

Underground city

It will give more underground space for farming and vegetable growing to save more land on the ground for animals and plants. It uses blue and red lights to simulate the sun.

Recycle Robot

This is a robot that can be put in schools and communities to recycle our wasted food. People put their leftovers into the right connector of this robot. Then the robot will classify the food into two parts: one is for fertilizer and the other part is for fodder.

Triangular Green House

This is a new type of greenhouse which will be build like a pyramid. A triangle is the most solid shape, so this greenhouse could be used in a lot of areas where climate conditions are not that stable.

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