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David Liu Mingyi

IDEAS, Foundation for Youth Development

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

David Liu Mingyi works for IDEAS Foundation for Youth Development based in Beijing. David is a project manager and a educational workshops facilitator. This will be his second Global Children’s Designathon.

About the event:

David: This will be the second time that GCD comes to China. Last year I witnessed how the workshop led children focus on SDG's problem,and then unleashed their creativity to build prototype. It was awesome! The most important thing is that children's parents gave their appreciation and acceptation to this program.

Title: Seed planting robot
Team: Henry Wang (8), Katherine Wang (11), Sidney Hou (11), Lucas Han (11) Topic: Raw materials

A robot that can plant seeds and water and give good for plants (help the seeds grow).

Title: Grow your own (meat)
Team: Wu Xizhi (10), Liu Zining (10), Teng Yaoxiang (10)
Topic: Agriculture and meat


You can buy these special plates in the supermarket. Each plate contains meat (or vegetable) cells. You bring it home and activate it so the cells start growing. After some time you have a real piece of meat. After you are done eating you bring the empty plates back to the supermarket.

Title: City of Heaven
Team: Richard Liu (9), Rainbow Zhao (8), Qiu Yutong (9)
Topic: Find the alternative for building cities and roads


Use bamboo and iron to replace building materials and use artificial lights to make trees grow.

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