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Tijana Jovanović Petrović

KidHUB organisation, Designatho Works Serbia

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Tijana Jovanović Petrović is a social entrepreneur, designer and educator. She launched the first socially responsible toys in Serbia called Koba Yagi Toys and is the director of KidHUB which is dedicated to empowering the creative potential of children and employability of young people through innovative educational programs, social innovations and creative entrepreneurship.

About the event:

Tijana: I want to inspire children, and especially girls to see themselves as creators, artists, scientists - those who create solutions to social challenges! GCD and the Designathon Method are great ways for children to explore, collaborate and visualise their ideas on important topics such as the UN Global goals.

Title: Bambos
Team: Team Bambos
Topic: Deforestation


Island made out of recycled materials where mini robots plant bamboo for various industries.

Title: Roboshwaba
Team: Team Roboshwaba
Topic: Protection of habitat

Forest protection system with a lot of bugbots, which measure changes in forest ecosystems.

Title: Eco mouse
Team: Team Eco Mouse
Topic: Forest protection system


A mousebot that recycles trash for plant food and plants new trees.

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