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Mr. Haberstroh is a passionate teacher committed to design thinking and maker education. Mr. Haberstroh conducts workshops internationally on technology in education. He specializes in developing 3D CAD, design, engineering, and robotics curriculum. Previously he hosted the GCD in Clearwater (2017, 2018). This will be his first one in Bethel.

About the event:

Gould Academy is committed to environmental responsibility and serving the community. The GCD is the perfect event to bring awareness to the future stewards of our environment. Involving students at this age is crucial to setting the right environmental mindset and bringing new perspectives for sustainability solutions.

Crops on Water

A floating vegetable farm on freshwater lakes where farmland is not available. The farm is solar powered to pump water to the crops and for power lighting for night safety. The farm is terraced so all the crops receive sun and the water pumped from the lake can trickle down. The farm would be pulled to shore for harvesting. The design is scalable for all size lakes.

Food expiration reminder

An App that scans the barcodes of your groceries when you buy them and puts the expiration dates in the App in your phone. As the expiration dates get close, an alert is created on your phone to remind you to use the food before it spoils. This would significantly reduce food waste. Eventually all you would scan is the store receipt and it would contain all the expiration dates of the items.

Farming resources sharing app

This App would help people find and share extra farming and gardening resources including available land, seeds, fertilizer, and other resources to help people have their own farm or garden. Farms and agricultural businesses that have extra unused capacity and materials would post them on this App for people to locate locally. This would help people without their own land or resources to have a garden or farm to grow their own food.

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