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Joos van Cauwenberghe & Marie van den Broeck

School community of RHIZO

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Marie owns design company ‘My Addon’, which is on a mission to make every (para)medical device on earth user friendly. She was awarded ‘Belgian youth entrepreneur of the year’ and spreads her mission as a passionate public speaker. Joos fuses his passion for education, design and entrepreneurship to create radically new forms of learning. He works at the school community of RHIZO on scalable learning experiences that bring creative problem solving and project-based learning into the classroom.

About the event:

While Marie uses creative problem solving
and design in her design company, Joos is
a teacher and fully committed to bringing creative problem-solving into the classroom. We blended these focus areas by hosting the GCD in Brussels. We believe the mind-sets and principles of design really can make the world better, safer and more humane. That’s exactly the message that the GCD spreads and we’re very happy and eager to share and support that mission.

Title: A paper tablet

Team: Marlotte, Maxelle & Nona

Topic: Paper preservation


Looks and feels like real paper, but is actually a digital device that scans all the information. You can erase the sheet with a touch of a button.

Title: Tree planting spot searching drone

Team: Manu, Alois, Warre & Yolan
Topic: Reforestation


The drone scans cities and can detect suitable places to plant a tree (it detects if there is enough space + if there are proper nutrients in the ground).

Title: Plant vending machine

Team: Simon & Remco

Topic: Access to greens


Vending machines that sell plant seeds and small plants to increase access to greens. The vending machine offers optimal circumstances to grow seedlings. Placed in a public location, people are more likely to buy plants. In rural areas plants can grow inside the vending machine until purchased.

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