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Charlotte van ‘t Klooster & Shammy Jacob

New World Fight Club

2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Shammy is founder of the New World Fight Club, a collective of 50+ Design Thinkers that help organizations solve complex business challenges through a structured creative method to trigger innovation while creating value for all. Charlotte is a passionate researcher who has worked in several countries in the eld of Ethnobotany, Medical Anthropology and Intellectual Property Rights of Traditional Knowledge and is now finalizing her Ph.D. She is co-director of the New World Fight Club.

About the event:

We LOVE innovation, and it lights a fire within us. We are solution seekers and finders, and we like to share and learn. We see and feel the need to build programs for children, including those with special needs. In our own kids, we acknowledge the deep effect that nature, food, play, and love have on their development and awareness of all things good.

Title: Seed assist
Team: Darshika (9), Roshan (9), Mihira (10) and Prithvi (7)

Topic: Raw materials



It is a drone called ‘plant assist’ that detects areas that have been impacted due to deforestation. It would detect and y to those deforested areas and drop seeds in order to help rebuild forests.

Title: Flying car hybrids

Team: Emalyn (8), Mythili (9), AsmarNoor (8), Armaan (9)

Topic: Road development



This car is powered by solar panels and has the ability to drive on roads and also to fly over forest, thereby discouraging the need to build new roads across forests.

Title: Electronic book
Team: Isabel (12), Aniketh R (11), Praveen R (12), Pradha K (12), Sakthi (8)
Topic: Raw materials



This concept converts all books to electronic books in schools. The concept allows text to be read and written and edited. This would reduce the large amount of paper used by every student across the globe.

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