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Jeff Hartwick & Will Vennes

Clearwater’s Fabrication Lab at Saint Paul’s School

2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Jeff Hartwick is a director of Middle School and Summit Program, Will Vennes is an associate director of Innovation and Exploration at Saint Paul's - Clearwater's Independent School. Together they are hosting the third Global Children’s Designate in Clearwater, FL.

About the event:

This will be the third edition of the Global Children’s Designathon at Clearwater’s Fabrication Lab at Saint Paul’s School. The past editions were very successful with 53 students from diverse backgrounds creating some excellent designs.

Title: The Green Bridge
Team: Oliver (10), Lucas (10) & Leon (8)
Topic: Air Pollution


The green bridge road surface captures energy from solar and the friction of car tires, and stores it in batteries underneath the bridge. The rail of the bridge charges electric cars as they drive by. Underneath the bridge is a farm with plants and trees that are sustained by runoff water from the bridge and lights powered by the batteries. A wind generator powers the streetlights on the bridge and the batteries for the farm lights underneath.

Title: The reusable paper machine
Team: Nola (10), Dakota (7), Jake (10) & Hudson (10)

Topic: Raw materials



The reusable paper machine is like a printer, except it removes the ink from printed paper allowing it to be recycled and printed on again. The machine smooths out wrinkles so it can be used again in any printer.

Title: Eco Tree House
Team: Ava (11), Luci (11), Elliott (11), Camila (7) & Ruthie (8)
Topic: Loss of Habitat



Rather than cut down trees for housing, this home design is built in the trees. The home is made of bamboo, so no trees are cut down. The home has a vegetable garden on the roof for food, and solar panels for power. Building the home in the trees also protects from flooding and wild animals.

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