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Mariame Yayatoure

Dr. Monk

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Mariame Yayatoure is a cocoa expert, a children’s- activist & facilitator and trainer.
She was responsible for organizing the team in Daloa. Mariame: I have lived and worked in cocoa communities for about 20 years. The situation of the producers remains the least enviable in the cocoa value chain. It’s not fair to the producers and it’s especially not fair to the children who did not choose to be born in the cocoa communities that unfortunately remain in severly deprived places.

About the event:

For me the children in the GCD are like defendants on trial, drawing their ideas and solutions to defend themselves. The goal is to manage for the children’s ideas to convince the jury of adults, so that the adults assume their shared responsibilities in the defence of the children.

Title: Warning mechanism

Topic: Protection



A pylon placed on top of a forest warning mechanism with cameras that are connected to a control centre based in the village. The electricity for the village and the device comes from solar panels installed on the pylon. The camera images are transmitted in real time
to the control centre, which triggers an alarm in case of tree cutting. The surveillance team intercepts the trespassers and saves the forest.

Title: Air tank

Topic: Air pollution



This group has designed a device that collects pure oxygen during the day into a tank. Thanks to the propellers placed on the tank, the pure oxygen is released into the
air to allow the people of the village to breathe clean air. This fights air pollution caused by deforestation.

Title: Seed watering device

Topic: Circular irrigation



This group has designed a large, moveable water tank that collects rainwater. The tank uses the rainwater to provide water to seeds in reforestation initiatives.

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