Nancy Sumari & Luca Neghesti

The Jenga Hub

2018, 2019

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About the host:

Nancy Sumari is a published author, business woman and social entrepreneur from Tanzania. Sumari is a business graduate from the university of Dar Es Salaam and the Managing director of Bongo5 media group, a new media entity focused on digital content creation. She is the founder and executive director of the Neghesti Sumari foundation and The Jenga Hub, that runs programs that teach kids from marginalized backgrounds how to code. She is committed to improve the state of the world through working towards digital literacy for all. Through the Jenga Hub, she gives access to literature and computational technologies by teaching children robotics and coding through structured courses to ultimately allow them to thrive creatively and encourage them to become better learners and thinkers.

About the event:

We held two GCDs in Dar es salaam and they were incredibly successful events that brought together children around Msasani Ward who took to solve challenges. We were amazed and inspired by how much the children were keen to solve issues faced in our communities and have fun while doing it.

A drone with a camera that detects trash at open spaces and then sends the GPS of a place with a lot of trash to self driving trucks that are powered by solar with special scoops. These trucks then take the trash to a special sorting machine that recycles plastic and alternatively creates mulch from left-over foods, so that farmers can use this fertilizer for their farms.

A food truck that makes plant-based foods for school kids at lunch time and is very cheap ánd tasty. The truck has a screen that shows cartoons that educates kids about a plant-based diet and how to plant more greens and grains. During the weekend, the truck visits neighbourhoods to share the message of the cartoons, which can result in people becoming consumers of more plant-based food.

This is a ship that sails the Indian Ocean and further. With a special machine it can suck oil, plastic and other trash from the ocean. The plastic is used for recycling. The oil is refined and changed into materials that are safe.

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