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Nadyn Kesserwany & Talah Almously

The Wonder Generation

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Nadyn grew up in Lebanon and moved to Dubai 15 years ago. Through work experience, education and motherhood, she has found inspiration in children’s creativity and is now completely invested in programs that feed, sustain and enrich this most valuable asset. Talah grew up in Lebanon and lived in Europe, America and the UAE. She has transformed her rich background into a committed investment in encouraging creativity in children and helping them acquire the right skills for a better future.

About the event:

Talah and Nadyn founded the The Wonder Generation because they believe in investing
in the creative potential of children to mould them into changemakers and social agents. The Wonder Generation is a hub where children can acquire and practice skills that will set them apart and prepare them for the future. The Global Children’s Designathon fits all of these criteria. We love the message the GCD is sending out to the world and we are privileged to be part of this initiative.

Title: Sandmulator
Team: Habiba (9), Prianne (10), Hana (10) & Mira (7)

Topic: Building cities and recycling



A robot that converts sand into glass; take up the sand and mud and turns it into glass panels to use for building instead of cutting down trees.

Title: Plant cop
Team: Lucy (7), Chloe (8) & Caroline (9)
Topic: Endangered species and loss of habitat



Cameras in the forest that catches people before they try cutting trees down and stops them by squirting out a bad smell from a special type of plant around the area.

Title: The animal factory

Team: So a (9), Haya (9) & Zoe (9)
Topic: Endangered species and loss of habitat



A machine that basically clones endangered or dead animals; it scrapes their DNA and makes a new animal.

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