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Meriel Rhodes, Dunja Chamberlain & Ian Smith

The International School of Geneva

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

The international school of Geneva was founded in 1924 by civil servants from the ILO and the precursor to the UN.It still has close links with the UN and international students from around the world. A key element of the curriculum and pupil development strategy is to align learning and personal agency around the Sustainable Development Goals. Their principal aim is to empower students with knowledge, competencies, and attitudes to be changemakers and help solve world problems.

About the event:

What a fantastic opportunity to be a part of something bigger, an international change maker event designed to inspire and guide the next generation through the most relevant challenges of our time and empower them to seek solutions. The GCD is a wonderful opportunity for our students to connect and collaborate on an international platform with other like minded, solution driven individuals inspired to turn ideas into action in pursuit of a safer, more sustainable world.

Title: Co-Ho, Cow Hotel

Team: Marios, Meg & Husna

Topic: Agriculture



The cow hotel uses minimal land by using vertical space and is fully self-sustaining. Powered by solar and wind energy harnessed from a maximum advantage position high on the building, the multistory ‘cow hotel’ has fields for grazing layered like a multistory car park which the cows revolve through during daytime as well as sleeping space below ground. Rainwater irrigates the grass levels and provides drinking water for the cows. The cow waste is collected and used as both fertilizer for the grass levels and fuel through a methane conversion unit in the building.

Title: The Recycler
Team: Nora, Bahar & Isha

Topic: Building materials



The Recycler solves two problems in one. By re- purposing plastic waste as a building material it reduces the demand for traditional building materials and helps solve the problem of plastic pollution. The low-tech production process can be established all over the world under different conditions and run using renewable energy.

Title: Coco-Home
Team: Mayank, Charlotte & Matias
Topic: Housing



This space-saving design is based around the idea of multiple story mobile housing units constructed of sustainable bamboo and coconuts as flotation material. It uses solar and wind energy as well as rainwater harvesting and ‘green walls’ (walls for growing food vertically) making it completely eco-friendly.

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