Meriel Rhodes & Dunja Chamberlain

The International School of Geneva

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

In Switzerland the event is hosted by the International School of Geneva known as ‘Ecolint’. Founded in 1924 it is the oldest International school in the world and has a truly international population of students. Ecolint exists to educate for peace and to inculcate strong humanitarian values of inclusiveness, respect and inter-cultural understanding in everything we do. A key element of our curriculum and pupil development strategy is to align learning and personal agency around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Passion projects and work-based learning programmes encourage design-thinking, incubate social innovation and promote ethical actions and leadership. Our principal aim is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and voice to be changemakers and help solve the world’s problems.

About the event:

This year around 70 students participated in the event which was held simultaneously at 3 of the school’s campuses: La Grand Boissiere (Geneva), Nations (Geneva), and La Chataigneraie (Vaud). This was truly a brilliant event. A non stop day of solutions driven design thinking with multi-lingual exchanges across all 3 campuses as well as with International partners. All participants should be congratulated for their progressive thinking, team spirit and engagement in the day, everyone found a design that took steps towards making the world a better place! Huge thanks to all who gave their time and energy to support the day and special thanks to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (Geneva) for co-sponsoring the event.

Floating Greenhouse

This team made a 'floating greenhouse' built out of reclaimed or recycled materials and powered by wind and solar energy. This design is GPS linked and controlled remotely.

The Vacuum Machine

This team designed a mobile device that can travel on land or water and sucks up plastic waste. Special fans remove any bad chemicals. Inside the vacuum there is a small farm with fungi and worms that will eat the plastic. The waste the fungi and worms produce is edible and can be turned into food for animals or humans.

Waste Not This solution aims to make users aware of the amount of food that is being wasted in households. Powered by solar energy, a smart bin records how much you waste, and a smart fridge sends rotting food automatically to a compost bin. If you are wasting too much, you will be taxed according to how much you have wasted.

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