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Hieu Sy Nguyen

Ban Mai K-12 School System

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Hieu Nguyen is Director of International Department of Ban Mai K-12 School System in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hieu: I graduated a B.A in Economics from NYU and worked in the eld of nance before becoming a teacher. Our school has over 2500 students, ranging from Kindergarten to high school. As the Director of our school’s International Department, organizing STEM & international events is a key part of my job.

About the event:

I understand very clearly the purpose and the content of GCD. The event’s mission and purposes, along with the opportunities for our students to enter a meaningful STEM project and connect to friends from other countries. In 2018, our participating team included 30 Primary and Grade 6 students.

Title: Wireless motion sensor alarm

Team: Chu Doan (9), Le Anh (10), Nguyen (11), Vu Minh (12) & Bui Thi (12)
Topic: Forest preservation



A wireless motion sensor alarm using acoustic sensor technology. It can distinguish between the noise of an animal and the noise from a chainsaw by analysing the sound’s intensity and duration. When a suspicious activity is detected, the alarm at the guard station will go o , prompting the guards to take action.

Title: Hawkeye
Team: Vu The (7), Bui (10), Luu (11), Nguyen Hoang (11), Hoang Dao & Nguyen Vu (12) Topic: Forest protection



A remote control flying device, called Hawkeye carries a camera to monitor activity in the forest. Images are sent wireless to the forest guard station. Solar panels on the wings power the device and a sound suppressor prevents it from getting noticed. Layers of armored plates in the body panels make the Hawkeye bulletproof as it can be the target of illegal loggers.

Title: Forest model
Team: Pham Gia (9), Nguyen Tuan (10), Nguyen Duy (11), Nguyen Dac (12) & Nguyen Chi (12)
Topic: Raising awareness



This forest model makes it possible for people to distinguish between forest areas with different usage purposes to avoid deforestation and to raise awareness about forest protection, also increasing the productive forest area to cover bare hills.

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