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In Härnösand Designathon was led by Technichus in cooperation with Design I Västernorrland. Founded in 1998, Technichus is a Science Center with the goal of attracting interest in science, technology and entrepreneurship in a fun way. The concept of GCD is a perfect match. The purpose and goal of GCD is in the line with activities Technichus want to support and be a part of. At Technichus children, adolescents and adults have access to 2000 well-filled square meters, divided on two floors. Complicated scientific questions and interesting phenomena are displayed in a fun-filled way where the keywords are interactivity, gender perspective and aesthetics. Technichus is also a support for all forms of schooling in science, technology and entrepreneurship and a meeting place for many different groups. Collaboration with universities and industry contributes to the development of teacher education and research in learning.

About the event:

GCD in Härnösand was held at Technichus and in a good collaboration between staff and people who volunteered. Our goal was to attract as many girls as boys in Härnösand but ended up with a slightly larger number of applications from girls (18) and boys (12).

The scale

The scale helps people reduce their food waste by personalised food portions system. The “perfect portion”: It's good for your health and the integrated alarm system with LED-lights signals when the portion is far too big and the risk of food waste occurs.

Title: Multiplicator (Reproduction of food)
Team: Tyra (10) Ellen (11) Liam( 10)
Topic: Less hunger
Description: Multiplicator makes your dream come true and is the invention the world have wait for. Hunger will be no problem any longer. Multiplicator makes a copy of your last bite and in less of a second your got more, but not too much, food.

Underground cooling

Underground cooling is a combination of traditional methods for storing food with the support of modern technology. The food is kept fresh and preserved by utilising the cold that is in the ground (instead of refrigerators) and supplemented with fan systems powered by solar cells.

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