Erdogan Kahyaoglu & Sibel Cetingoz

Informel Egitim-cocukistanbul

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Informal Education-cocukistanbul is located in Turkey’s only industrial heritage, the “Energy Museum” that served as the only energy power plant in Turkey and Istanbul for more than 70 years. We are running interactive education programs in the museum for children starting from pre-school up to high school where the primary and secondary school age groups are the main target. Our mission is to reach the disadvantaged children which can be considered as the children attending to public schools and we do so by providing the programs price free to them with sponsor support. We are an active institution in the international informal education area with joint projects, and various types of partnerships.

About the event:

Istanbul will be joining the event for the second time this year and we are very excited to have making it possible. Sustainability is a topic we have been concentrated for more than 6 years partly within our long run “energy education program” for school children from a variety of age range and as a separate program, “Our planet has a message!” which still is current. The GCD 2019 event not only supports our efforts to increase awareness and motivation of children to act for solutions about this crucial topic but also increases their understanding that they are not alone to deal with this issue and they are a real “power of change” together with their peers all over the world. We wish and hope the GCD 2019 Istanbul that we will be hosting within the Museum premises, will strengthen the ties between the children of the world and support their rising struggle for climate and the future of the planet for all beings…

Food transformer – FT

This internet controlled Robot sorts out wasted food and produces meals and/or cakes with this in various compartments, including an innovative oven. It does not process meat. The robot uses solar energy to operate. The final waste is transformed into fertiliser. The website also provides alternative recipes to people and is used as a powerful tool to increase awareness on the food waste issue.

Conscious plate (Tabaklator)

Restaurants and especially self-service restaurants appear to be an important source of food waste. This invention helps through the usage of an “intelligent plate” that warns individuals when they take too much food compared to how much they need (based on their age and physical requirements). The invention also offers boxes to bring excess food home. These boxes are reusable.

Met 1

These cattle-sheds are used in the countryside and are equipped with a vertical farming structure where the food for the cattles are freshly produced. Methane, produced during digestion, rises up as it is lighter than air. A circular system captures the metan and directs it to a power generating unit, and this energy is used for lightening. Oxygen is pumped in regularly from the bottom to provide the necessary healthy air conditions.

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