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Phuti Manguba & Isabel Brenner

Microsoft, Designathon Works SA

2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Phuti Manguba is a Design Thinking Strategist and Service Designer. She is the founder of Barweshi Consulting, a start-up using innovative approaches such as Design Thinking. Phuti uses her ability as a natural storyteller to help clients create exciting stories about their brands and products. She is also passionate about teaching children to use critical thinking and creativity. Through her company she has partnered with Designathon Works to empower and unleash children’s creativity using new technologies. Isabel Brenner is a junior designer at Designathon Works HQ. This year she is going to Johannesburg to execute research during the GCD.

About the event:

The event will take place at WWF Johannesburg.

Title: The Bamboo Eco House

Team: Jayde, Mathew, Benjamin & Bathipo (all 12)

Topic: Cities and recycling



The Eco House is a roof garden used to grow cotton, bamboo and reeds. It has a machine that collects waste to make compost as an alternative to soil. The machine drops off the compost in the four sections which grows bamboo, cotton and reed/papyrus. These can be used to make affordable clothes and furniture for the less fortunate.

Title: The Drone Jojo Project

Team: Gomo, TJ, Wanga, & Lwandle
Topic: Cities and water



The idea is to move people from the cities back to the abandoned rural areas and deserts. The drone will be used to collect grey water and purify the water to fill up Jojo tanks. The water is also used to grow plants and vegetables for people to survive in the rural areas and dessert.

Title: The Scoop-D-Do project

Team: Jolynn (11), Oratile (10), Ashante (12) & Ditshupo (12)

Topic: Cities and homes



A tree house built with recycled materials on a dead tree. The home is self sustaining and uses solar power and greenhouse principles. There is also a 3D food printer in the house that prints food and distributes to the neighbours in the community.

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