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Names Pragesh Rajkarnikar & Anuradha Shrestha


2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Pragesh is a BBA graduate by education and an educator and people’s person by passion. Currently he is working as a Relationship Manager at Karkhana. He is a person that loves travelling and interacting with people. He believes that there must come a change in the way the children are being taught in school. The traditional way of teaching, confined in a classroom must change. Important learning happens beyond the four walls. Anu is a social worker by education and an educator at heart. Currently she is working as a Province Director at Karkhana. She enjoys adventure and loves spending time interacting and tinkering with children. She wants to empower girls into making by providing them opportunities to make their ideas alive. She believes that if the children are given the right guidance and the right opportunity, they are capable of designing our future.

About the event:

As Karkhana has been working to promote hands-on education, we think the kind of work Designathon Works is doing is more or less similar. We believe in the importance of giving students practical learning experiences and problem-solving skills, which is why GCD is important and we wanted to collaborate with Designathon Works.

Title: Bamboo city
Team: Nawaraj (13) , Azim (11), Nimesh (12)
Topic: Alternative materials



Keeping in mind that trees are essential for all living beings as they provide them with food, shelter and even the air to breathe in, we decided to tackle the problem of deforestation. As bamboo plants grow faster than trees, we can use them to make furniture instead of trees!

Title: Smart city
Team: Suhani (13), Supriya (13), Kabish (13)
Topic: Alternative energy



Our smart city tackles deforestation by converting waste materials into energy. We have built pipelines that will transport waste materials collected at homes to an energy centre which will convert all waste into energy which is then transferred back to the houses!

Title: Terrace farming and sustainable ecosystem
Team: Dipesh (10), Munal (10), Rashila (10)

Topic: Sustainable ecosystems



To tackle the problem of landslides and floods in the hilly areas of our country, we have made a prototype of terrace farming. We have also made a model of a proper life cycle to represent a sustainable ecosystem.

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