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Anne Marie Tan & Marina Abdullah

HELP International school

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Anne Marie is currently a Project Director (CSR) for Taylor’s Education Group in Malaysia and have been involved in the social sector scene for three years now. She is passionate about helping large corporations increase business value through positive social impact. She wishes to create meaningful platforms to connect the right people to the right resources for a greater impact. Marina is graduate research assistant at the Asia School of Business. She is drawn to organisations with strong ethos and strategic philosophy, agile environments and organisations that are constantly looking to learn, adapt and transform themselves.

About the event:

As Malaysia is going through change now, it is about time for people to listen to the voices and ideas of the children as we are building the world for them to live in. This event exposes children to various skills such as creative and design thinking, but more importantly it empowers children to be socially responsible citizens, encouraging them to create change in society in accordance to their strength.

Title: Jungle City
Team: Abdullah (10), Gan (10), Leia (10) & Jonathan (10)

Topic: Cities



A city in the forest where plants, animals and human will co-exist together.

Title: Underground City

Team: Michael (8), Elizabeth (1), David (12), Mary (14) & Naomi (7)

Topic: Cities



A city built underground so no trees are harmed to construct a city.

Title: Machine fertilizer

Team: This Yap (6) & Constance (6)
Topic: Reforestation



A machine the spits out seeds along with the soil and fertilizer randomly as it moves in an open field.

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