Anne Marie Tan & Marina Abdullah

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

In Kuala Lumpur, the event is led by Anne Marie Tan and Marina Abdullah. Having worked in the social impact sector together for six years, both Anne Marie and Marie now currently work for Malaysia’s largest collective impact organization which aims to deliver high value life skill-based education to low performing public schools across the country.
Anne Marie is passionate about helping large corporations increase business value through positive social impact and believes that high impact can be achieved when the right people are connected to the right resources. 
Marina’s background is in international relations and research. She is interested in positive education and wellbeing in schools, and how this could influence behavioural change in youth from marginalised communities.

About the event:

GCD Malaysia 2019 welcomed 75 children from across the city and country. To encourage equality, diversity and inclusion, the event hosted children from low-income households, refugee communities and international schools to gather and work together toward a shared objective. With the support of our sponsors, the organizers were able to waive the participation fee for more than half of the children. The event was held at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, an academic institution committed to providing world class education and high impact research in Malaysia.


The Aero-Deliveroo is a plane built with different compartments for different types of food. It is a flying storage space operating on solar and wind energy that will fly around the world and deliver food based on the scarcity in that area. If a place has an abundance of a specific resource, Aero-Deliveroo will pick it up and distribute it to areas that are in need of that resource.

Buffet Robot

Malaysia has a huge buffet culture, especially during the Ramadan period and various holiday seasons. To curb the issue of food wasta during these times, the Buffet Robot functions with a team of 100 robots to take excess buffet food and distribute it to the poor. The robots are built to detect contaminated food products so that it will not be given to the poor but made into organic waste or compost instead.

Forever Food Machine

With the tropical climate and at times limited access to cold storage, the Forever Food Machine will input any fresh food item which will then be coated with an edible and non-toxic liquid that will keep the food fresh by more than ten times its original period. This will help people living in off grid areas with little or no electricity to keep and sustain their food.

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