Chiara Diana & Elena Marengoni


2017, 2019

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About the host:

frog is a global design and innovation firm with over 50 years of history and studios in Europe, USA and Asia.
The Milan studio opened its doors in 2005 and today is a family counting more than 50 hybrid talents; a blend of analytical and artistic, unconventional and structured, technical and creative. 
frog partners with the main corporates and some of more interesting start-ups both in Italy and internationally, and plays a leading role in the design community in Milan, lecturing in several Universities and opening its studio to several events throughout the year.

About the event:

frog Milan hosted the event already in 2017, therefore this year edition was a second time both for some of the moderators and for some of the kids too. 30 kids from the city and up to 90 minutes ride away joined us for the event. All of them were on time to kick-off the day at 10 am and the energy level was very high all day long, with particular highs during the propotyping and of course for the final presentations.
We are already looking forward to host again next year!

The Groundskeeper Robot

Groundskeeper Robot is able to grow fruits and vegetables in people's gardens, allowing people with no time and expertise to grow their own food. It can grow greens inside its “belly” in case the owner does not have access to a garden! In addition, the robot analyses and takes care of the plants’ state. It collects rainwater and uses organic waste to produce fresh fertiliser, notifying the owner when the harvest is ready!

Flying Fruits

Flying fruits is a system that allows farmers to ride an electrically powered rickshaw, which delivers fruits and vegetables directly to the customers’ home, with the help of drones (inspired by hot-air balloon). The drones, which are parked inside the rickshaw, can fly directly on customer’s balconies and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables. The customers are able to track the farmer’s location through an app.

Save the Food

‘Save the food’ is a digital app that allows users to reduce their food waste by asking specific questions about their daily food-related behaviour. It will understand how much food the users need each day as well as what type of food they like. With this information it will be able to calculate the quantity and suggest the right amount and type of goods to buy at the supermarket, in order to not waste food by over-purchasing unnecessary products.

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