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Rym Baouendi

Medina Works

2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

My mission is to ‘help cities and youth rise to their full potential’. As a social entrepreneur I like to engage in projects and collaborate with people who support this mission. I am the founder of Medina Works, a strategy + design consultancy based in Montreal and Tunis that helps governments, non-profits and businesses craft impactful strategies and programs, develop skills, and build enabling platforms that foster youth innovation and contribute to advancing the SDGs within the context of cities.

About the event:

Medina Works is partnering with Designathon Works for the third year now by hosting the GCD in Montreal and Tunis. We have two great teams of facilitators (social innovators, educators, tech professionals) who are all passionate about the event. We are very excited because we know from previous experience that we will get to collaborate with great co-facilitators, to connect with like-minded hosts form around the world and most of all, to work with the children who always amaze us with their creativity and inventions.

Title: Planter Bus
Team: Erika (8), Charlotte (8), Maya (8) & Rosalie (7)
Topic: Making place for cities and roads / Replanting forests



A solar-powered flying vehicle (bus) that moves on a cushion of air, over trees and forest. It has special cameras that can detect where there has been deforestation and will replant the areas by dropping seeds for planting. It also has the ability to filter the air.

Title: Robot Planter
Team: Kais (9) & Andrew (9)

Topic: Making place for cities and roads / Replanting forests



A robot that has all the functionalities necessary to plant trees (digging holes, planting seeds, back filling with soil, watering...).

Title: Food4All Vehicle

Team: Hadi (10), Ilvas (10) & Yusuf (8)
Topic: Making space for agriculture / Food waste



A vehicle that allows people to deposit and pass on extra food they have to other people in need. This machine can identify the type and quantity of food donated and will make it available to others.

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