Kara Pecknold & Juliana Escobar

Frog Design Munich


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About the host:

Kara is a Creative Director at frog with a background in visual design and design research. She speaks, teaches and writes on design research methods as well as building creative capabilities within organisations. This is her first GCD and she loved being part of creating change with kids! We couldn’t have done it without the support of our frogs and the local community.

Juliana is a Program Manager at frog. She enjoys doing and enabling teams and clients make stuff happen. She believes that working in collaborative teams is essential to build new possible futures through the right behaviours, systems, products and services. She really enjoyed being part of the GCD and is looking forward to participate in the future.

About the event:

In the fall of 2019, children from Munich gathered at a design studio to join in a day of creativity and climate change with a passionate team from frog design. Diverse in culture, language and backgrounds, this group of students enjoyed a day of thinking big while also getting to know their local community better.

The cow fart-machine and air-cleaner

The farts from the cows are collected by the cow fart machine (one for inside in the winter, one balloon-like one for in the summer, when the cows are in the field) and you can put them in the air-cleaner, where the CO2 is changed into O2.

Biomaschine 3000

The Biomaschine 3000 can extract and filter the water from the organic waste at your home, to create water that can be used to water plants. This way the waste will use less space, and reduce the smell as well.

Cleanliness Monster for the the Bali Greenhouse

This Monster is a three in one: clean water by filtering previously dirty water, produce clean water by removing the salt from it, and then use this clean water for a greenhouse in order to grow crops at your house for fresh vegetables.

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