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Prof. Gideon Bin Klei

Nameta Trust

2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

I believe in equality,Social Justice,an environment free from corruption and pangs of hard economies,not forgetting better climate. With all the expertise guys will practice day in ,day out after possessing University degrees,the world still suffers.We still have something missing.

About the event:

Title: Hydro-electric water purifying machine
Team: Mori, Lavella & Juza

Topic: Reusing water



Hydro-electric machine that is used to purify water used by animals, plants and human beings. When the light turns green and the alarm goes o , the water is pure and ready to be used. When the light turns red it means the machine is disconnected or shut down.

Title: Air purifying drone

Team: Benza
Topic: Air pollution



A drone that can convert polluted air into fresh air. An outside motor with propeller pulls air into the drone. Another motor inside cleans it and it is released back through holes in the ceiling.

Title: Solar panel plane

Team: Ivonne
Topic: Irrigation and land restoration



The solar panel plane is used to irrigate dry areas. I invented it to prevent leaving land in
a bad state and so it can be beautiful. This way trees can grow and wild animals can stay in that area. We can only cut trees when we plant others. We then use the wood to make furniture and to sell it to other countries to increase our country’s income.

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