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Lisette Malmberg, Marlies Don & Jessica Besselink

HopeAruba Movement Foundation

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

HopeAruba Movement Foundation is a civic organization striving to inform and empower individuals and communities to use their voice and potential to create solutions for collective well-being. Lisette Malmberg is the Founder of HopeAruba, Marlies Don is the Social Inspiration Lab Coordinator and Jessica Besselink is a certified SIL Head Facilitator as well as a high school teacher.

About the event:

The event will bring 30 children aged 8-12 from the district of Oranjestad together at one venue to think about solutions to this year’s Global Children’s Designathon theme: Food & Climate Action.

Title: Recycling wood machine
Team: The believers: Andrea (11), Loghan (8), Emma (7) & Khymo (7)

Topic: Alternative materials



A machine that can recycle wood into other types of furniture at home. Wood will go into the machine, and is restored for other uses.

Title: Eating less meat
Team: Fun group: Davinah (9), Xody (10), Gillay (11) & Destiny (8)
Topic: Cows & agriculture



A campaign to encourage people to eat less meat.

Title: TreeCity: a community in forest
Team: The world helpers: Sophie (10), Kira & Brooke (8)

Topic: People losing living space in forests



The houses are built around the trees, so trees are not cut down. The houses are not built on the floor, but higher up, so that the ground is not damaged. The houses operate on alternative energy sources.

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