Samir Mardolker & Akanksha Priyadarshini

Clear in Asia

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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About the host:

In Panjim, Goa (India), the event is led by Samy Mardolker, Managing Director of Clear in Asia, a global strategy consultancy. Samy is an experienced facilitator and has been hosting the event since 2016. He is based in Singapore and travels to Goa to conduct the event. This year, Samy was assisted by Akanksha Priyadarshini, co-founder of Food revolution, an Agritech Startup based in India, building agriculture systems using technology and plant science.

About the event:

The event in Panjim, Goa hosts the same set of girls since 2016. The girls are in the 11-13 year age band and come from underprivileged backgrounds. They are supported by a local charitable foundation in their education. Our belief is that having the same set of kids will reinforce problem solving skills in this group which most critically needs such skills and inspiration i.e. girls from underprivileged background from developing markets.

Fish market planning

On the local fish market, there is a lot of food (fish) wastage. This is mainly driven by the sellers being unable to predict demand on a specific day. This team created a system for the sellers to collect information on ‘next day buying intent’ from their customers to allow for better alignment of supply with demand resulting in less wastage.

Party food planner

Indian weddings typically have lavish displays of food, which results in lots of leftovers. This group designed a fire frame for an app that the party guest could log in and specify how much food they would consume based on menu items shared by the host. This would ensure that the right amount of food is cooked and there is no wastage as guests are primed to eat ‘right’.

Grow in transit

There is significant food wastage when vegetables/fruits are transported from the farm to the city. In some cases, this journey takes 3-4 days. This team devised a method of growing the crop in transit. Choosing a route that offers different soil type and water availability, a selection is made of crops that can avail of the best growing conditions with growth staggered across the journey to the selling location.

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