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The GCD 2019 in Sundsvall in northern Sweden was led by Mona Wärdell, CEO of Design i Västernorrland. This was the first Designathon for Mona as well as the first Designathon in Sweden. Previous to working with design in her region of Västernorrland Mona worked as an Interior Designer and Project manager in New York City for over 10 years. Once she moved back to Sweden she went back to school and studied Industrial Design at MidSweden University and shortly after graduation started at DiV. Mona is also the manager of a Maker Space called Tvätteriet where she welcomes kids and adults who are curious to learn more about the design process, technology and creativity. Mona's hope is to introduce even more children to the powerful world of design in the future.

About the event:

On November the 16th children from the whole region of Västernorrland in northern Sweden came together to a full day of creativity. There was 15 amazing volunteers on hand for the whole day as well as three employees from IKEA to make the most memorable day for all of us! The children came from all kinds of backgrounds and was diverse in almost every sense of the word. The day started at Tvätteriet Maker Space and then moved to Grönborg Presentation hall for the afternoons presentations in front of the most distinguished jury. For several years there has been a great focus on getting more girls involved with technology and that initiative showed itself successful if you look at this years applicants for the GCD - there were 22 girls and 9 boys attending in Sundsvall for the day.
One of Sundsvalls oldest and most prominent company, SCA, noted early on the greatness of the GCD event and sponsored the event in Sundsvall.

The Seed picker

This robot has seeds in its belly and moves around and sows everywhere so that there will be more green areas for animals to live as well as more food to eat. It is fueled by waste it picks up while moving around.

The Food Scanner

This is a machine that is programmed to know your personal taste. It scans the food you are about to eat and then adds spices to your liking. The result is that it minimizes the waste by making all food delicious.

Banana package

This package is inspired by the way banana peel protects its fruit. By making packaging from food waste you solve both a waste problem as well as making an ecologically friendly package.

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