Tami Warshavski & Lila Chitayat

Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art

2017, 2019

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About the host:

The Tel Aviv DW is led by Tami Warshavski and Lila Chitayat. Tami is a design visionary and strategist, experienced in running international projects that build new design leadership capacities in the innovation system and the higher education at large. Lila is an interdisciplinary designer and architect specializing in spatial storytelling leading an innovative technology based design studio for complex experiential solutions. Their projects received wide national and international impact and public awareness. Both Lila and Tami are teaching in multidisciplinary design environments at the leading design institutions in Israel H.I.T and Shenkar.

About the event:

Tel Aviv joined the GCD event with a young and enthusiastic group of 4th grade kids. Together with a wide array of instructors, the Tel Aviv group established innovative and creative inventions to this years theme. The event was held at toi.lab - a Gallery for toys and electronics, exploring the space between physical and digital. The positive impact of the GCD on the children, their friends, educators and families is still echoing and will lead us to expand the work and involvement in the upcoming years.

UPS - Usable Public Space

Large floating huts, built over existing public spaces create large spaces for urban agriculture and new green parks for cities. Areas such as public swimming pools, boulevards or open streets can now enjoy new green spaces while creating shadow and controlled light for the city. These areas grow fruit and vegetables and become new free parks. They shall be worked by robotic helpers.


This team realised that many kids do not eat their lunch food that they take from home. They either have too much or dislike it while others have too little. The team therefore invented a large smart lunchbox capable of restoring food, heating it or cooling it. The Z-Box can communicate with other boxes letting you swap or provide extra food to whomever is in need while controlling the expiration dates.


An urban robot strolling the streets can provide warm meals to those with difficulty to get one: from homeless people to travelers or people working far from home. The robot is connected to an app detecting restaurants with wasted food and those in need nearby. It is built as a solar powered moving oven, collecting dishes in its belly.

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