Agata Raczewska & Sabina Białek

Planeta kreatorów

2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

In Warsaw the event was held by a local NGOs’ Planeta Kreatorów founders Agata Rączewska and Sabina Białek. This was the second GCD held by them in Poland. Agata is an experienced designer with background in psychology. Sabina has more product design and technological background. They both believe that polish education needs a general redesign putting more focus on 21st century skills, sustainable development and new technologies.

About the event:

In 2019, children from all over Warsaw joined the GCD. Coming from different schools and backgrounds, diverse in age (7-13) and gender they all worked together designing solutions for challenges regarding food and climate change. The event was held in Startberry, a creative space for polish startups and NGOs to grow.


A truck that vacuum-seals and dehydrates food, during transportation from one country to another. It then rehydrates it when it arrives at its destination. The goal is to make food take up less space and get to its destination without getting rotten.

Food Tube

The food tube is a system similar to a subway, just for food. The carriages float in a cooling liquid that is also making it easier and faster to glide from one destination to another. Carriages travel from hub to hub (even under oceans) where they can form new trains that go into certain destinations. Food stays fresh longer and travels faster.

Rotten-to-good food vending machine

A vending machine where you can put in half rotten or broken produce. The machine will detect the broken parts and compost them and make edible dishes (e.g, juices) from the good parts. It will then let anyone (e.g. homeless people) take the good food for free.

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