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Petra Ravlic, Sanja Novak & Teo Drempetic-Conkic

Designathon Works Croatia

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Participated in edition:

About the host:

Petra is a CX consultant and Design Thinker with experience in shaping services in telco and similar industries and facilitating Design Thinking workshops. Teo is a visual communication designer skilled in conceptual + experiential design, branding & identity, and copywriting. Sanja is an Associate at the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education with a professional background in finance.

About the event:

Zagreb is happy to be on the Global Children’s Designathon map for the fourth year in a row. We strongly believe in the power of individuals to shape a better world, especially the younger generations. We see GCD as a platform to give them a voice and self-esteem and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the future. Experienced facilitators with backgrounds in design and maker education are a guarantee to get the best out of children’s ideas.

Title: Bird drone
Team: Mara, Lara, Nina and Sanja
Topic: Forest maintenance



This drone is equipped with all kinds of sensors and looks like a seagull. During a daytime it zooms around a forest to check if the trees are healthy and waters them in case of drought. It also cleans the forest and recycles found objects. During the night time it plants the

trees if the forest needs to be restored.

Title: Genetically modified tree planter
Team: Karlo, Nikola, Jakov and Matej

Topic: Reforestation



An aircraft plants genetically modified trees, which are stronger and more resistant due to bamboo genes that stimulate rapid growth and renewal. This way it restores endangered forests and plants trees in less accessible areas. Engines and generators that work according to the perpetuum mobile principle power the aircraft.

Title: Solar-powered vehicle

Team: Lucija, Luka and Masha

Topic: Roads and cities



The team worked on a design to solve the problem of deforestation due to cutting trees to make space for new roads. Additionally, they wanted to tackle air pollution caused by traffic, so they designed a solar powered vehicle.

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