Designathon Works
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Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam

The Netherlands

CoK: 60140615
RSIN: 853781606
Bank: NL77 TRIO 0197 9551 85

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Annual Report

Designathon Works is an international social enterprise focused on spreading awareness about the importance of engaging children as co-designers of society. Our method highlights the natural ability of children to foster creative concepts for a better future - not only for themselves, but for the planet - by using technology to design solutions to our environmental challenges. 

We use three pillars to empower and unleash creativity in more children: school programs​, customized designathon workshops,​ and our annual Global Children's Designathon event​.

Designathon Works operates under the name: Stichting (foundation) Designathon Works.
The formal installation took place on March 3rd, 2014.

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Evelyn Doyle: Chair Woman

Maarten Nelissen: Treasurer

Emer Cronin: Secretary, Founder of the Foundation

Rajiv Ball: General Board Member

Evelyn Doyle

HR Director Europe at Patagonia,

Chair Woman

Maarten Nelissen

Finance Director at FrieslandCampina Kievit,

Foundation Treasurer

Emer Cronin

Founder Designathon Works,

Foundation Secretary

Rajiv Ball

Partner at THNK,

General Board Member


Board members do not receive any remuneration for their board activities, as stated in the articles of Association. Designathon Works has a moderate wage policy for the management team and freelancers and aims at salary levels and working conditions that match the responsibilities. Employees do not receive bonuses or 13th months.



The “Belastingdienst” (Dutch Tax Authority) authorized Stichting Designathon Works with the ANBI status in January 2017. This means that Stichting Designathon Works is classified as ‘Algemeen Nut beogende

Instelling’, meaning that the foundation is a non-profit, aiming to have as much impact as possible and

holds a certain tax exemption status.

Address: Duindoornplein 19, 1032 CL Amsterdam

Phone: +31 (0)613787010
Chamber of commerce: 60140615
RSIN: 853781606
Bank: NL77 TRIO 0197 9551 85