Global Voices of the

Next Generation on:
Food & Climate

Over the last few years it has become evident that not only adults are able to ignite change: young people have shown a huge concern for social and environmental issues and are increasingly taking part in the debate. As adults, we have a duty to provide these children with an opportunity to join in, by empowering them to take action and by preparing them to prosper in our rapidly changing, technological and globalised world. But most of all, it is necessary to listen to them.


Our annual Global Children’s Designathon (GCD), initiated in 2014, represents a unique opportunity to reach out to hundreds of children worldwide, let their ideas be seen and their voices be shared, heard and amplified. Meanwhile, the event opens up doors for research to be conducted in a natural setting, where children are allowed to speak freely.


This year’s event created an opportunity to listen to the voices of over 1,200 children worldwide, about their concerns and solutions to food and climate problems. The main research question answered in this report is: “How capable and engaged are young people across the globe to solve complex problems around food and the climate?”.


Through a questionnaire among 883 children with different geographical and socioeconomic backgrounds, we were able to identify children’s perceptions of the issues and how these are handled, how children’s attitudes relate to their ability to be a changemaker, and what children propose as solutions to these problems. This report elaborates on the findings that emerged from a global-scale research and showcases more than 100 inventions designed by children aged 7-12. 

A giant THANK YOU! to all the children, our global hosts, experts, ethnographers, researchers, consultants and our sponsors! Each and all of you have played an important role in realising the global event and this report. 


Click here to download the report and enjoy the reading!


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