Terms and Conditions

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We are very excited that you are joining our online project to jointly empower as many children as possible to design a better world!

Before we can accept you as an online user, we would like you to confirm that you have read and agree to the conditions below.

By clicking on the link in the email confirmation, you confirm having read and commit to follow these regulations:

1. Confidentiality


1.1       You acknowledge that you have received and/or may receive information of a confidential and proprietary nature regarding the activities and business of Designathon Works, including but not limited to the Designathon method, the learning materials and Designathon Works' intellectual property rights, and any other information in respect of the business of Designathon Works (the “Confidential Information”).

1.2       The Confidential Information shall be used by you for the sole purpose of taking part in the online workshop of Designathon Works (the “Purpose”).

1.3       You acknowledge that the Confidential Information is confidential, and agree that, at all times, you:

a. shall treat and maintain the Confidential Information as confidential, and hold all such Confidential Information in trust and in strict confidence, utilizing the same degree of care you use to protect your own confidential information;
b. shall not disclose the Confidential Information to any third party;
c. shall not use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than the Purpose, or exploit the Confidential Information for your own benefit or for the benefit of anyone else, without the prior written consent of Designathon Works;
d. except for the Purpose, shall not make any copies of the Confidential Information without the prior written consent of Designathon Works.


2. Intellectual Property

2.1       You furthermore acknowledge that any information provided to you by Designathon Works in the course of the workshop shall be the sole property of Designathon Works and that you may not use any of these materials, including the Designathon method, other than for your participation in the workshop, without the prior written approval of Designathon Works.

2.2       This means that there will be no transfer of ownership of any information, materials and/or the intellectual property rights to such information and materials from Designathon Works to you and if you would like to use the Confidential Information for other purposes than the workshop, you will have to get Designathon Works' approval for that.
If you do use the Confidential Information for any other reason than the Purpose, without Designathon Works' written approval, you will be in breach of this agreement and you may be infringing Designathon Works' intellectual property rights and

2.3       Designathon Works may claim the penalty payment mentioned below as well as any other damages from you.

3. Penalty

3.1       If you breach any provision of this agreement, you shall, immediately and without any notice being required, forfeit to Designathon Works a penalty of EUR 20,000 per event, increased with a penalty of EUR 1,000 for each day that such breach continues. This penalty may not be mitigated by a court. This penalty shall apply in addition to a claim for damages.


4. Applicable law and jurisdiction

4.1       Dutch law applies to this agreement.

4.2       Any dispute shall be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

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